About Our Company

CNV Technologies

CNV Technologies has become the most trusted partner of the Indian Electronic Industry Established in 2010 as a distributor of electronic components, Elektronika Sales has been the most trusted partner of the Indian electronic industry. It stands as one of the leading and largest electronics components distributor in India. We are serving 3000+ Customers from various segments like Automotive, Industrial, Metering, IOT, Lighting and Power, Computing, Telecom, EMS.

We are headquartered with a centralized warehouse in Bangalore and have sales branches across the country. To support our overseas customers, we have our sales offices in Bangalore,Karnataka.


To grow with our customers by providing effective supply chain & design to solution


Leading Distributor of Electronic Components by offering technology Solutions and establish global footprint through Mergers & Acquisitions

What we are doing

With great respect for the identity that helped establish CNV Technologies across the globe, we are reimagining and refreshing our logo and our branding. The unique new look and tone have been designed to emphasize our ongoing connection with suppliers and customers, while reflecting CNV Technologies’s digital-first, forward-looking perspective.

Why we are doing it

In simple terms, our CNV Technologies branding has not kept pace with the growth of CNV Technologies, the company. The updated brand is a clear and accurate reflection of our future-forward, leadership position in the market.

How it impacts you

We’re still the same CNV Technologies, we’ll just start to look a little different. For you, our customers and suppliers, this means exposure to a gradual change as we phase in the updated brand. For partners who leverage CNV Technologies branding, we will provide guidelines to help steer you through the transition.

Corporate Responsibility

CNV Technologies has always been customer-driven and quality focused. This fact is confirmed by numerous independent industry surveys. Continuous improvement and ongoing statistical analysis of processes have always been integral to our approach to business.

This has made CNV Technologies a world-class distributor of electronic components. Our Goal: To consistently meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

As a major employer in Northwest Minnesota, CNV Technologies has long been aware of its potential impact on our shared resources and, therefore, its responsibility to be a good environmental steward. As CNV Technologies continues to grow, our commitment is to minimize the impact of our business on the environment while continuing to provide the best customer service in the industry. For more information, view our Environmental Policy and Initiatives.